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"A consumer controlled council committed to ensuring quality rehabilitation services"


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The State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) was established in 1992 to give advice to and work in partnership with Nebraska VR (Vocational Rehabilitation). Nebraska VR is a division of the Nebraska Department of Education. Nebraska VR's role is to provide services to help people with disabilities prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment while helping businesses recruit, train, and retain employees with disabilities.

The Council is made up of individuals from across the state who have an interest in working with Nebraska VR to ensure that the needs of Nebraskan's who experience a disability are being met in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Council members review, analyze and advise Nebraska VR regarding the agency's performance. They also help develop, agree to and review the agency's goals and priorities. Their work often includes surveying agency staff, referral sources, VR consumers, and others.

2022 SRC Outreach Event

SRC: Opportunities to Find, Develop, and Retain Employees in a Challenging Labor Market

Nebraska State Rehabilitation Council

What We Do

Review, analyze, and advise Nebraska VR regarding their performance under the 1998 Amendments to the Rehabilitation Act. Learn more...


Federal law also requires that the majority of Council members experience a disability and not be employed by the VR agency. Currently eleven (11) of the nineteen (19) SRC members experience a disability. Seventeen (17) of the nineteen (19) SRC members do not work for the NE Department of Education. Meet the members...


For information on attending a meeting, call Ashley Hernandez at 520-235-4532 (for TDD, call 402-471-3644) or her by email.

Entrepreneurs of Distinction Awards

2019 Recipients

SRC ChairpersonSandra Petereson at Nebraska State Capitol Building.

2015 Recipients

Kipp Ransom, Nebraska VR Director Mark Schultz, Jake VanHorn, Van Horn Saddlery, Vern Roso, Babyboomers Cycle's, Governor Pete Ricketts, Patriot Family Chiropractic, Pam Baltzer and Nebraska Department of Education at Nebraska State Capitol Building.

2014 Recipients

Front: Lee Krumm, Nathan Chandler, Jessica Goeden, JD Simmons accepting for Dan Hromas, Leta Simms accepting for Charlene Potter, and SRC Chair Kipp Ransom. Back: NSES Program Director Chris Hess, Nebraska Department of Education Commissioner Matt Blomstedt, and Nebraska VR Program Director Angela Fujan.

2013 Recipients

Nebraska Department of Education Deputy Commissioner, Scott Swisher; Nebraska Economic Development Director & Commissioner of Labor, Catherine Lang; Nebraska VR Director, Mark Schultz; Program Manager, Nebraska Self Employment Services, Christine Hess. Front Row: SRC Entrepreneur of Distinction 2013 recipients - Lee Andersen and Michael Saalfeld with the 2013 Entrepreneur of Distinction Alumni Award recipient, Jack Mann.